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Phil Spector One Of The Greatest Producers Of All Time – NME

NME has compiled a list of the Top 50 music producers of all time, and has ranked Phil Spector at #5 on that list. The magazine writes, “His CV stretches from The Ronettes to The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’, Tina Turner’s ‘River Deep Mountain High’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over’) but his true legacy is of course his pioneering ‘wall of sound’ technique, what he referred to as ‘a Wagnerian approach to rock ‘n’ roll’, a devasting sonic approach that’s influenced everyone from Springsteen to the shoegazers. It’s precisely that kind of creative approach that elevates a producer from knob-twidldler to a key member of the band, whoever the band might be.”


Bruce Springsteen: Phil Spector’s ‘Wall Of Sound’ Created Symphonies

During his recent keynote speech at South By Southwest, Bruce Springsteen discussed his numerous influences, including Phil Spector, whom he said created “symphonies.” For Spector’s famed “Wall of Sound” production style, Springsteen scatted, “Boom, boom boom” into the microphone with his hands cupped around it. “Phil’s greater lesson was that sound, sound, sound is its own language.”

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Great Albums: Phil Spector’s ‘A Christmas Gift For You’


While there are innumerable albums of Christmas classics, there are very few classic Christmas albums. The most obvious is Phil Spector’s “A Christmas Gift For You,” which – since its release in 1963 – has become the default answer to the question of what is the greatest ever Christmas album in the same way Citizen Kane has become the default answer to the question of what is the greatest ever film. …As Brian Wilson would point out, Phil Spector’s Christmas Album doesn’t deserve to be compared to the likes of “Now That’s What I Call Xmas”: it deserves to be compared to the likes of “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver.”

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