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1964: Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica

In April 1964, the majority of the album tracks not released as singles on “Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica” are recorded, including an early arrangement of “Chapel of Love,” the sultry “You Baby,” the Hollywood tinsel glow of “How Does It Feel,” the rocking splendor of “I Wonder” and the spine-tingling, dreamlike “When I Saw You.”

Phil Spector Career Timeline: 1964 With The Treasures & 1971 With George Harrison

1964: Gene Toone & the Blazers “You’re My Baby” recorded at Mira Sound Studios in New York. The record is performed and penned by Peter Anders and Vinnie Poncia, best known for their later collaboration as The Tradewinds. That group hit with “New York’s A Lonely Town” in 1965. “Lonely Town” has a definite Phil Spector influence, but it should be no surprise as Anders & Poncia also recorded “Hold Me Tight” as The Treasures with Phil Spector in 1964.
1971: George Harrison’s “What Is Life” enters the charts. The shakin’ disc eventually hits #10.